Khalilah R. Elliott

Founder & Chief Disruptor

Meet Khalilah R. Elliott, the visionary leader behind Gafford Communications. With over two decades of experience, Khalilah is a driving force in the realm of social impact consulting. Her journey, which has been characterized by a commitment to equity, inclusion, and social justice, is nothing short of inspirational.

As the Founder and Chief Disruptor of Gafford Communications, Khalilah's expertise transcends conventional boundaries. Her extensive arts administration background, combined with leadership roles in major entertainment brands and non profit organizations, sets her apart in the industry. Khalilah's unique approach involves embedding herself in client organizations, bridging critical capacity-building gaps, facilitating transformative partnerships, leading major fundraising campaigns, and providing expert strategic communications and executive management support. 

Khalilah's dedication to authentic relationships with diverse communities and her focus on uplifting marginalized voices have earned her recognition as a thought leader in various industries. Her roles as the Board of Directors Vice-Chair for YES! Media, as a member of the Broadway League's Covid-19 Partnership Task Force and her chairmanship of the Covid Theatre Think Tank Safety & Health Marketing Subcommittee underscore her impact. Khalilah is an engaging public speaker, adjunct professor, and independent producer. She's not just a consultant; she's a trailblazer, empowering organizations to create a more just and inclusive society.

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